Heavenly Vanda Orchids

Phillo are famous for their Orchid plants and cut Orchid blooms. One of Cemal’s favourites are the Vanda Orchids. These Orchids are mostly epiphytic (plants that grow upon other plants), but sometimes lithophytic or terrestrial and are distributed in India, SE Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, southern China and northern Australia. The plants are well known in the Orchid family for their magnificent large showy flowers that can be heavily marked.

Heavenly Vanda Orchids from Phillo Flowers, Notting Hill, London UKThey have now been bred in a sea of colour combinations and are readily available as cut blooms for the flower industry. Although mainly grown in Thailand for the export market as plants and cut flowers, the Dutch have also mastered growing these beauties for the cut flower industry. The blooms can last up to six weeks in water and for several months on the plant. As one of the most expensive cut flowers and plants the Vanda Orchids are highly sought after and are almost always available at Phillo. Below is a selection of pictures taken by Cemal in SE Asia of cultivated Vanda Orchid plants.

Vanda Orchids for sale at Phillo Flowers, London W11Phillo stock Vanda Orchids to buy online from their webshop









Phillo Orchid Plants for sale, London florist store, UK
Vanda Orchids incorporated into modern Phillo designs:

Contemporary Orchid Arrangements by Phillo Flowers, designer florist, London