Tillandsias for bathrooms – Phillo launch their latest product

Tillandsias or ‘air plants’ as they are commonly called are Bromeliads that are commonly found in humid forests, cloud forests, mountains and deserts of central and South America, Mexico and North America.

Tillandsias - Air Plants for sale, florist London UK
Tillandsias – Commonly Known As Air Plants | Composition With Cork Bark

Tillandsias are epiphytes that grow attached to other plants or organic matter, they are not parasitic plants. They can grow without soil and do not always have roots. A genus of over 500 species, they are an interesting species as water and nutrients are absorbed through their leaves. Surviving at temperatures between 10°C and 32°C they are ideal subjects to grow in bathrooms and only need a mist feed from March to September. Tillandsias absorb water through their glaucous leaves and they will flower under ideal conditions. Tillandsias are very hardy and require much less attention than other house plants and require bright filtered light which is why we suggest they make great plants for bathrooms.

Tillandsias and Bromeliads for sale, London florist, UK
Tillandsias Grow Well In The Bathroom

We are launching our new product ‘Tillandsias for bathrooms’ this week. We have sourced plants from Guatemala, The Netherlands and the UK that are from cultivated non-endangered species. Our Tillandsia compositions are attached to light weight cork bark and have a wire fastening on the back so that they can be hung very easily on bathroom walls – probably the best room in the house to grow these interesting plants. Prices start at £35

Tillandsias and Bromeliads Growing Wild in Costa Rica
Tillandsias and Bromeliads Growing Wild in Costa Rica
Tillandsias Growing Wild in Costa Rica
Tillandsias Growing Wild in Costa Rica’s Tropical Rain Forest

Tillandsias are now available to buy at the Phillo shop in Notting Hill –

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