Bonsai Trees for sale at our London shop

Our latest collection of Bonsai trees have arrived in our Notting Hill shop, each season we source the best varieties of specimen bonsai trees. These diminuitive trees are beautifully trained to be a fraction of their normal size and they have fascinated us with their beauty for centuries. Considered an artform in Japan, these amazing trees are now available to purchase outside of Japan and here at Phillo Flowers, we take care to find the very best stocks of trees for our customers. These make delightful gifts and for the first time grower we have a range of bonsai tools and books to accompany your tree. They are fairly easy to grow and our beginner’s guide book will assist you to care for your tree correctly. Read more Bonsai Trees for sale at our London shop

New Bonsai Collection – at Phillo Flowers

We adore our bonsai trees at Phillo and it’s always with great excitement that we welcome the new year’s collection. The quality of these trees is really fabulous, the beautiful tiny leaves of the Acer Palmatum Katsura, the architectural shapes of the White Pine bonsai and this season we have a gorgeous rare, bonsai’d Pomegranate tree – Punica Granatum…enjoy! Read more New Bonsai Collection – at Phillo Flowers