New Bonsai Tree Selection

New Bonsai trees and accessories selection in store now

Bonsai Trees and Accessories, London stockist
Bonsai Trees and Accessories Selection at Phillo Flowers

We have just started stocking indoor and outdoor Bonsai trees imported from Japan and China. Bonsai have grown in popularity in the last couple of years and with a little TLC, they are no more difficult to grow than most house plant. Most of the Bonsai that we have are easy to keep but we also sell books for Bonsai beginners and others that will guide you more in depth to training these beautiful miniature trees. Bonsai feed and training accessories are also available to buy at our store – a selection of Bonsai Trees are also available to buy from our online store. Larger specimen trees for the bonsai connoisseur can be sourced from our suppliers. Our staff are always on hand to give you sound advice on how to look after these little gems.
For information on our current collection of Bonsai trees please call our store on
+44 (0) 20 7727 4555 or email