About Us

Cemal Cemal – owner of Phillo Flowers

Running a successful floral design company generates a myriad of stories and captures images of work that the designers at Phillo rarely get to share with their clients and friends. One can often walk into our store to find the team working on huge, elaborate and eye catching displays, and wonder what the story is behind the design process, where the flowers come from and where the finished designs actually end up!
We will be adding images and stories to our blog page regularly and Cemal will be sharing stories about his other passions that include his collection of talented and beautiful parrots, photography, travels, and his latest quest in breeding rare frilly-feathered Parisian Canaries! It’s not going to be ‘all about the flowers’,  rather all the passions that inspire Cemal in his creative work and fill up the little spare time that he has away from his busy schedule. We would love to hear your feedback and hope that you enjoy our posts…

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